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Course Management

Easily Create and Manage your online training courses with our intuitive interface. No prior design or coding knowledge is required.

User Course Groups

A collaborative tool for team-work. Assign a set of users to one or more courses OR assign multiple courses to one more users. Great for group projects.

User Learner Assignments

Assignment module allows instructors to collect work from learners, review it and provide feedback. Assignments can be File Submissions or Online Text.

Online Meetings / Webinars

Create and conduct Online Meetings & Webinars. Supports seamless ZOOM integration and also allows you to configure Custom meetings as well.

Cloud Based SaaS LMS

Hosted on a safe and secure dedicated Cloud Based Server. Dedicated Accounts created for each customer to ensure there is no data overlap.

Custom Branding

Change your layout background to suit your corporate branding. Have your branded logo on learner certificates too. Let the LMS portal looks & sound like Custom Branding

Sell your Courses Online

Trusted e-commerce platform, Maximize your Return on Investment and Increase your training outreach & Reduce delivery costs.

Easy to Use

All the useful resources and tools are neatly packaged into one single system to enhance admin and user experience and secure access to learning management software

Define Learning Path

This help you define the learning path of course for your learners. Upload content in any format - Audio, Video, Document, Image, SCORM File, Text & Assignments.

User / Learner Assessments

Assess the learner’s capabilities by creating custom questions. Create Assessments as stand-alone or course-based. Supports MCQ, Single-Entry and Matching question types.

Feedback / Survey Module

Allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from your users. Create your own questionnaire and manage feedback for your courses evaluations.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and Analyze data using Reporting engine, Analytical Reports, Summarized Data and User Logs and Training Compliance and much more…

Dedicated Account

Create your own dedicated sub-domain, Account on Cloud. Accessible from anywhere. Manage Users and Learners with your account.

Low-Cost Pricing

Absolutely no hidden costs involved. Our pricing structure has been designed to suit the best of your requirements. Choose an appropriate plan which best suits you.

Training Calendar

Organize your events, schedule your course modules and webinars, and keep your learners posted with your training plan. LMS allows creation, setting and publications.

Industry Standards

AICC and SCORM are learning technology standards that determine how e-learning courses interact with learning management systems (LMSs)

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